събота, 23 февруари 2008 г.


In general:
This blog is intended as a place for sharing experience, knowledge and interesting facts about translation and all the associated activities that are part of every translator's work, life and thoughts.
In particular:
It aims to present in detail the materials published at http://www.metafrasi.org/ and also to enable interaction and feedback from the readers.

The focus will be mainly on Bulgarian, Greek and English so expect to see here lots of articles, glossaries and discussions in and about these languages.
First to appear on these pages within the next days will be:
- a review of the free online dictionaries
- a presentation and comments on the main Bulgarian, Greek and International translation portals
- presentation of the glossaries published at http://www.metafrasi.org/
These are only a few of the upcoming discussions. Other topics will refer to the profession of the translator: technologies, financials, good practices, localization etc.
Everyone who feels interested and would like to participate in the creation of this blog is welcome to join.