неделя, 24 февруари 2008 г.

Tools: Searching

I work on an IBM-compatible, Windows XP computer and I had enormous troubles with searching for documents. I'm sure most of you know the story: "I'm sure I already translated a document on this subject - say a Software License Agreement - but I can remember neither the name of the file, nor where I put the final version." Window's search assistant wasn't of much help because it almost always managed to stop "responding" before finding a word/phrase that I was searching among .doc files. That's when I discovered Google Desktop(tm).

The good things about this tool: I can find any word that I am not sure about by pressing two times the Ctrl button on my keyboard and then see whatever I am looking for by filtering my mail, web history, or of course the files on my hard disk. I also work with three different alphabets (Cyrillic, Greek and Latin) and I never had to switch regional settings or to see *&%&%&^(%^% if I need to switch between keyboards. The bad things: it takes quite a lot of space (about 1GB on my 80 GB hard disk) and it's a bit tricky to uninstall. So please read everything about its features and make completely sure that you need and want to install this tool before actually doing so.