петък, 14 март 2008 г.

Greek slang and we like it!

Honestly, when I started studying Greek some years ago I was quite curious about Greek slang. I was searching on the Internet for lists of colloquial expressions and my findings were quite... "interesting". My first Greek list of slang expressions was the νεοελληνικό λεξικό της νεολέας. I was puzzled really - I couldn't believe that all these were true and I had to ask some of my first Greek friends if they really say "Πήρα fax" when they mean "Tο κατάλαβα" (I got it) or "Παλεύουμε;: To λες αν δεις χοντρή γκόμενα" - I don't have the guts to translate this one, sorry.
Needless to say my Greek friends were truly amused by my wonderings. You see, it turned out that all these lists on the Internet were more of a practical joke than something that would help the puzzled learner of Greek language understand what the young people are actually saying, 'cause believe you me - textbooks are far from teaching you the language of the street.

My disappointing experience continued with printed editions of Greek slang dictionaries. This is why I was so excited when I found about the newest slang dictionary offered and namely:

Now that my Greek is better (and my knowledge of slang developed;)) I can really appreciate this dictionary. It is actually a HELPING one for the tortured foreigner because it actually describes the language of the street in its full glory. AND!!

This is a dictionary with online presence!

The official site is: http://greekargo.googlepages.com/home

And the BLOG is http://greekargo.blogspot.com/. I sincerely recommend this blog. Every phrase is accompanied by a picture and it's great fun reading it.

A big bravo to the authors Νίκος Μακροδήμος & Χρήστος Ακριτίδης for their excellent work!