сряда, 2 април 2008 г.

Lessons in Bulgarian for Greek speakers

I created this short introduction for learners of Bulgarian language a couple of years ago at the request of a Greek colleague of mine who wanted to have some basic knowledge for his occasional business trips to Sofia. He made up the list of words and I translated them and as I couldn't help my philological self I had to add some basic notes on Bulgarian pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary.
So, if you are a Greek speaker and you want to learn some basic things in Bulgarian, go to:

I've also published a list of links to other resources for learning Bulgarian on the Internet which could be of help for non-Greek speakers. The list is here:

Any feedback is welcome!
Edit, 10th July 2008
As the only feedback that I received for my quick attempt at explaining basic Bulgarian usage and grammar was quite negative - mainly pointing out that I combined too simple material with too difficult linguistic explanations, I decided to remove the initial texts described above.
The site still exists but it only lists some very valuable links to free language resources (in English) on the Internet and also a short guide to the best printed dictionaries for Bulgarian-Greek.