петък, 20 юни 2008 г.

Sites for Greek slang, alphabet and verbs

Lately I came across some very interesting sites about modern Greek language, so here they are.

Slang.gr is a truly great site about Greek slang. It covers not only colloquial expressions, but also jargon used in various other spheres such as: military service, sports, love etc. etc.


NoGreeklish.gr is a site dedicated to fighting "Greeklish". This is the word for the "alphabet" which is used when writing in Greek with Latin characters. The site offers some articles about the use of Greeklish, a list of blogs opposed to Greeklish, a few excerpts of various sites that prohibit writing comments in Greeklish, links to converters and a number of banners for the ones that would like to support the cause by making it more popular. I liked the emoticons very much:)The Bulgarian word corresponding to the word "Greeklish" is not one but many: шльокавица, методиевица, методиица, кирливица, мейлица, чатица, латинец, есемесица и Интернет жаргоница (shlyokavitsa, metodievitsa, metodiitsa, kirlivitsa, meylitsa, chatitsa, latinets, esemesitsa & Internet zhargonitsa) (source: Уикипедия). There is also a Bulgarian site which has a similar purpose: 6lyokavitza.org. Unfortunately it's not as creative and lacks content.


Now, what would life be like if we didn't have to deal with grammar? This is a nice blog for conjugation ot modern Greek verbs. It's quite well organized and together with this Comprehensive list of modern Greek verbs' conjugation and translation into English, it may be the absolute reference for learners of Greek as a foreign language.

And last but not least, don't forget to check out once in a while my friends at GreekArgo.blogspot.com who have a new interesting expression and a funny illustration to offer every week at their wonderful site.