петък, 6 февруари 2009 г.

An hour with Salman Rushdie

A wonderful speech by the famous author Salman Rushdie, held at Google, Mountain View. The occasion is his new book "Enchantress of Florence".

Salman Rushdie proves himself as a gifted and funny speaker, so if you have an hour to spare you will hear him talk about:

- Google and life before Google
- The discoveries of the new worlds: what European people thought of the Novus Mundus and India
- The unbelievable facts of history: some interesting stories about the Ottoman ways of execution, Vlad Dracul and his war craft.
- The difficult time he spent when he had a death sentence issued against him by Muslim fundamentalists
- Dan Brown (lol:)))
- About his old books and how he wrote them
- Blogggers, pay attention during the last 7 minutes of the lecture (after 1:02:30):
Pamphleteering, after the printing press was discovered, functioned pretty much like today's blogs. An interesting analogy - be sure not to miss it!